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March 11-March 22

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Dear Parent,

We’re on the path to success for our Apex fundraiser. Please take just 2 minutes to read about what’s going on and how you can help our school!


Today we learned:
Today we learned the Power chant  that will unlock five daily habits that will grow your child’s confidence and excitement around this program.


Results so far: 
As of today our school has raised $30.83/lap.


Remember: Pledges must be entered online to count towards our class total, so please be sure to log them at 


How you can help:

1) Set aside some time with your child every day to share the donation links with everyone you know. The class with the most Share Wizard shares by text, email, or social media will earn a special reward like game time or extra recess!


2) Check your schedule to see if you’ll be able to attend our Fun Run on Friday, March 22nd. Block out an hour or two if you can and join us!


Today’s challenge: 

Help us be the best! 

Tonight's challenge is the Share Challenge. We want to see which class can get the most shares by TONIGHT The class that wins tonight's challenge will earn...  the chance to play DODGEBALL with Apex!


For extra fun: 

Ask your child to show you the Apex POWER chant..

Estimado(a) padre (madre):

Estamos en el camino hacia el éxito para nuestro evento de recaudación de fondos de Apex. ¡Tómese solo 2 minutos para leer sobre lo que está sucediendo y cómo puede ayudar a nuestra escuela!


Hoy aprendimos lo siguiente:
Hoy aprendimos el canto de Power que revelará cinco hábitos diarios que reforzarán la confianza y el entusiasmo de su hijo en torno a este programa.

Resultados obtenidos hasta ahora:
Hasta el día de hoy, nuestra escuela ha recaudado $30.83/regazo.


March 11

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